Firstly we want to get to know you better. Who you are as a couple, what your style is and what your wedding theme and/or colours are.

We’ll just have an informal meeting over a cup of coffee. Or if you’re too far away or too busy to meet we can always chat over emails and there’s Skype too ;-)

Then we’ll go into detail of how you want your invitation to be packaged or what other ideas you have for your stationery suite.

* If you haven’t got a clue what you want to do yet or feel very uninspired we’ll send you idea proposals based on what we discussed and take it from there ;-)

Remember: Creativity is limitless. There are so many different ways of how to package your invitation or how to display your stationery.


The most important thing is to send out a Save the Date first so your guests can plan in advance and advanced notice means more guests can attend.

* Save the Date goes out 6 – 9 months before the wedding.
* Invitations can be sent 6 – 8 weeks before the wedding, otherwise 8 – 10 weeks if you’re having a destination wedding.
* If you’re not sending a Save the Date, your invitations should go out 3 months before the wedding.

Give 4 – 6 weeks (see lead times) from initiation to finished product, so start with your invitations at least 3 – 4 months before the wedding.

Once we have finalised what we are going to do for your invitation and stationery suite, we’ll send you a Cost Estimation (CE) for all the different elements.


* We are very much focused on good and beautiful design, therefore we have an hourly rate of R300.00. Depending on how intricate the design, printing process or packaging is, costs will be based on that.

Every couple & every wedding is unique, that’s why we do personalised and custom-designed stationery. All designs are made with love and we give complete attention to the finest details.

We don’t want to restrict our clients to templates as we offer creative stationery designs and the possiblitlies are endless.

** However, if you want an idea of the costs for the various elements, a standard price list can be sent to you upon request.

*** We do give the option to only do the designs (excl. print) if you want to get it printed somewhere else, but we prefer to do the printing ourselves for quality purposes.

Once the CE is approved (we require a 50% non-refundable deposit upon acceptance) we’ll start with the design process. We’ll first email you design options. Once you are happy with the look & feel we’ll carry the design through to the rest of the layout and apply the same design elements & colours to the remaining stationery for a cohesive look.

* 3 sets of changes are allowed, thereafter all additional changes will be billed at hourly rate.

** Please note it is your responsibility to check that all the details & information are correct. After the final artwork has been approved and gone to print, we take no responsibility for any spelling errors and the like.

The waiting and final stage! We know you are eager to see your invitations as soon as possible but please refer to the lead times below ;-)

We will notify you by email when your invitations or other stationery are ready for collection. We can also post or courier it to you if need be.

The outstanding balance is due prior to collection or delivery.

From initiation and having final product ready takes about 4 – 6 weeks.

We usually take 2 weeks for design, 1 week for print & 1 week to assemble all the invitations/stationery by hand.

However, you do get those brides who don’t have a care in the world about timing, the ones that are late for their own wedding, hehe, we can make yours a priority at an additional fee ;-)

We always try to work as fast as we can and make sure production runs smoothly but don’t want to compromise on quality.

Good design has to be based on purpose and function in the simplest form. To unsure this, a good understanding of your brand and what exactly you require (based on your mission, needs & budget) is necessary.

We need to clearly understand what you want to achieve, i.e. what your objectives are and what your timeline or deadline is. We will need a brief overview of what the brand is about and what you do.

How the design is executed is determined by how the brief was interpreted.

Then a Cost Estimation (CE) will be sent based on what we discussed and what is required.

* Please note CE is subject to change based on any changes to the original brief, additional hours, stock images and the like.

Once the CE is approved and a 50% non-refundable deposit is paid we will start conceptualising and put a few ideas together or first design drafts will be sent for first review. We will make changes based on your feedback and send back for approval before execution.

Once you are happy with the ideas and/or design we’ll start executing them to all the different elements required. 3 sets of changes are allowed after initial design is approved, thereafter changes will be billed at hourly rate (which is R350.00 per hour).

Once the final artwork has been approved, we will get it print ready, web ready or whatever the requirements were and send it via email (if the file size is small enough) or dropbox (if the file size is too big to email).

Please note, we take no responsibility for any errors (except for design related errors*) once artwork has been approved and sent to print.

* Subject to specific design errors that is our responsibility to check before artwork goes to print. We are not liable for any spelling errors, informative mistakes or incorrect printed colours after print proof has been approved. We do advise clients to ALWAYS ask for a print proof first before going ahead with the whole print job then changes can be made when not happy with the proof.

Printing costs can be asked for separately. Please note we have a mark-up fee of 20% for liaising with print suppliers and making sure the quality is acceptable. But we can also just send you the final artwork if you have a preferred supplier so you can take the process from there.